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Affordable, Quality Child Care
Quality Child Care Matters
We're Bridging the Gap to Success
It's a fact, without a quality preschool education, children from lower income neighborhoods often fall behind in their cognitive, social-emotional, math and language skills.  These effects can last a lifetime.
Tot's Haven Christian Academy provides the nurturing learning enviroment and proven teaching techniques to close this gap and help your child embrace a lifetime love of learning  and a foundation for success.
Our Mission
Bridge the gap to success by challenging the hearts and minds of children by providing a warm safe haven, quality instruction and mentoring for their spiritual, intellectual and physical being.

Cheryl Page, director
Don't settle for less. Choose an affordable quality program
Tot's Haven Chrisitan Academy offers a loving, caring, faith-based environment that instills the positive values of honesty, loyalty and self-worth.  We foster an open relationship bewteen the parents and staff and encourage parent involvment in their child's education.
We know that children learn best in a creative, nurturing environment and we strive to provide a place where each child can achieve their very best. 

Tot's Haven is on it's way to becoming a nationally accredited preschool. We help your child grow and succeed by offering:
  • A nurturing environment where your child feels safe and loved
  • Our commitment to your child's academic, social-emotional and physical growth
  • A low teacher/child ratio to give your child the individual attention they need
  • Fun, strucured learning environment with proven curriculum to help your child reach important developmental milestones
  • Healthy meals and outdoor play for a healthy body
  • Faith-based singing and lessons to build a spiritual foundation
  • Flexible, affordable rates.  CCA assistance accepted
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  1. Affordable Quality
    Tots Haven offers a quality learning environment at very affordable prices. And we accept child care subsidies like CCMS to ensure your child has access to quality care. Help your child succeed with a firm foundation from Tot's Haven Christian Academy.
  2. Safe and Nurturing
    We know that your child is your most precious gift. We feel the same, and provide a safe and nurturing environment where your child can blossom socially, emotionally, spiritually and academically.
  3. Transportation
    We know you're busy, so we provide safe, reliable transportation. You can be sure your children are in good hands until you pick them up in the evening. Call for more details about the transportation we offer.
  4. Learning Rich Environment
    Our teachers offer children a fun, structured learning environment filled with developmentally age-appropriate activities. Early literacy, music and movement, quiet story time and more help your child reach important developmental milestones for success in school.